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Our Services " In a Nutshell"


Detail OF services

We will go above and beyond to meet your expectations....

  • We work for you and with You.. We make this a Stress & Worry free Experience!
  • There is Never any out of pocket expenses, upfront or hidden fees or costs!
  • Over 10,000 followers, 8 Year’s Experience & Knowledge & over 300 homes liquidated
  • Insured with a $1,000,000 Liability Insurance Policy 
  • We provide all the advertising and Professional Security at our expense

We will.....

· Organize, Set Up & Stage  – Remove all items from closets, cabinets, shelving, attic, etc.

      We clean items if necessary and set up and arrange on tables that we provide.

· Discard  – We discard all unsellable items, to include items under sink cabinets. 

      We do ask that you remove open food containers in the refrigerator and prescription

      medication and any hazardous materials that cannot be disposed of in landfills.

· Photograph - We photograph the entire house for advertisement & Inventory Purposes 

· Research & Price -  Research all items deemed valuable and price accordingly.

      We price each and every item in the home, unless we are holding a clean out Sale.* 

· Announce & Advertise – We keep our followers excited about your sale and advertise in

      numerous areas for maximum turnout. You can follow us on Facebook as well. 

· Conduct – We hold a professional well organized and controlled estate sale. 

     We limit the number of customers in your home at one time for safety 

· Security - If necessary, we hire an off duty Officer / Sheriff to detail and oversee the safety

      of  parking and overall presence on the property. 

· Trash out – We remove “all” trash and leave the home broom sweep & Vacuumed


  • Please keep in mind that each sale is different and unique. Contracts may be revised to meet the needs of the family and to make both parties feel comfortable throughout the process.    

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